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Junior Class : 
We’ll personally work with kids to tailor training programs that will improve their health, fitness, confidence and boxing abilities.
Benefits Include:
  • It’s Great for Health, Confidence and Fitness! 

  • It Improves Self-Discipline, Focus, Humility and Motivation ! 

  • Learn from the Professionals Who Have Actually Competed in Tournaments!

Price : $15
Mixed Class : 
Suitable for both those beginning the boxing journey and the more experienced athletes. Our mixed classes are a high intensity session in a fun sociable environment consisting of circuit work, bag work, pad work amongst other exercises to improve your fundamental boxing skills while breaking out a sweat. 


  • Improve your boxing skills and technique! 

  • Dramatically Improve Your Fitness! 

  • Improve Your Strength, Both Upper and Lower Body! 

  • Sociable Environment! 

Price : $15

Membership Options
If you would like to continue boxing, training and learning with us in a more cost efficient manner, we also offer a monthly membership. If you may have further interest, please speak with either Hemi or Keena for more information.
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